Ibanez AS73-IV

Arrived yesterday, really impressed with it.
Should have been £360 from GAK but after a sale and an Amazon birthday voucher I managed to pick it up for £259, which frankly is a bargain.

It has a really great feel, and has some serious volume when played unplugged. Only got around to plugging it into my amp tonight (Bugera 333XL half), on clean it has a really organic acoustic sound which none of my solid bodies can quite achieve. On the crunch channel it had a really nice Black Keys esque sound but still retains that acoustic hint. I decided to put it through the Lead channel with the metal settings I use with my Charvel just to see if it could handle it and was really pleasantly surprised. I was expecting it to sound messy and overly distorted, it didn't sound anywhere near as heavy as my other guitars but what it did have was a really crisp but dirty blues sound, nothing like what I was expecting. I never thought i'd ever be running it through the lead channel, but it turns out it really works well. It sounds utterly filthy, just what I wanted.
It really has it all and is by far and wide the most versatile guitar I own. It's not quite capable of metal, but that's not what I bought it for. It covers almost anything else I can throw at it with ease, and then some.
As for the playability of it the action is perfect, although the strings it came with need swapping out for something a bit thicker, it currently feels like a standard set of 10s but I'm used to using 10-60s. It has a good weight to it, doesn't feel cheap and nasty and sits well on a strap. The only let down i've found so far is the strap pins, my locks don't fit on them so I'll have to replace them with a proper locking set.

I'd put up more photos but I've not gotten around to taking any, I just snapped this one straight out of the box.

Love it
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Always a solid choice! Love the white finish. HNGD! Enjoy it!
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I believe your guitar is semi hollow XD

Ha, this is true.
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Dude, semi-hollows are the bombdiggity. They are the most versatile guitars you can own. If I had the option I'd carve resonating chambers into all of my guitars. Anyway, beautiful guitar. Looks a lot like my Washburn one ( that can handle metal just fine, thank you), white finish notwithstanding. Jealous.
Nice. Suits the decor too
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yeah those ibanez artcores are a great value. ive thought about getting a mid - low tier one just to satisfy any craving i have to play a hollow body and pretend i am gary clark jr or something.
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Used to have an AS73, great guitar. HNGD!
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I loved my old AS73 and always regretted selling it. HNGD!
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Think I'll be holding onto this one for a good long while
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