Right off the bat I love the slow almost lazy feeling of the song. Reminds me of the main character in a movie walking through the scene like he doesn't give an eff. The vocals need to be mixed a bit better, its really hard to hear them when they first come in. I love the breakdown as the music gets harder, it flows really nicely. The ending seems a bit abrupt, maybe play the last riff a couple more times, or use something similar to the bit around 2:20.

All in all this track has a nice garage sound to it, I'll check out some of your other stuff!

And just if you have time or the want, here's mine:


Cheers, m'friend!
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If star wars had a Heavy Metal band (no not "Vader" lol), then you would be it. You sound like a anrgy mother****ing Yoda.

I sound like an angry Yoda...is that a good thing...or a bad thing? lol
After listening to it on youtube those vocals are fairly low. I went back to the originals I have saved and the vocals don't sound that low. Really odd.