I had the Fender deluxe vm amp delivered yesterday, where it was working 100% before being shipped. Since ive recieved the amp I cant get any sound from it.

All the lights are on and working, and i originally looked at the 6l6 tube and it was cold whilst the others were warm so I fiddled a bit and it started working. But still no sound...

Any ideas on what I should look for or do? Thanks a million
Have you eliminated other possiblities. Does your instrument cable work? Does your guitar work with another amp?

Have you tried all the obvious stuff like guitar volume? Is the volume turned up on any pedals you might have.

Might seem daft but a couple of times ive been perplexed at no sound coming out of my amp only to realise id turned the volume on my guitar right down! (Kind of like being unable to find your glasses when theyre on your head)
How do you know the tube started working again?
Is it only because it gets warm?

If you have a friend with a 6l6 tube amp try your tubes in his am or vice versa and see if the thing actually does work.
Plus, since the thing has an FX loop, try plugging the fx send into something and see if it works, and then try plugging something into the fx return and see if the power amp's working.
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Yeah I've changed the instrument cable and gutar etc.

Ill try to find someone with a spare 6l6 tube and give the FX loop a go.

I assumed because the tubes were glowing and warm that they were working :/