It's good, I feel like as an instrumental it could serve as an exit to an album or something like that. The only thing I would add is more ambience, possibly a lead that sounds distant and muffled, typically in the beginning of the song. Solid work though.
Thanks for the respons! Yeah i feel too that something is missing, maybe should try to put some ambience there =)
I like this man. I'm a sucker for drama progressions and ballads, and this is my cup of tea right here. Nice use of the chunk-a-thunk heavy guitars backing it up. Definitely needs a lead or something else to fill up the space over that clean guitar riff though. It's a bit simplified, the same basic progression over and over - which is ok, of course, but if you're going to do that I think you need to give us more to listen to.

I know you're going for post-rock here, but I would love to hear (or do) some vocals on it. Sounds very promising. As always, just my humbled two cents man.

C4C? Bound and Loved
Thank you for your respons! I really appreciate it =) The songs name "En plats jag aldrig trodde fanns" which is in swedish will be in english translation "A place I never thought existed". It's a very personal song, not to be a crybaby or anything but ive been some tough shit in life. I actually wrote this during the time my mom was dying, so its kind of therapy for me. I would love to do some vocals but i cant sing clean at all but I can growl, have been in a death-metal band a couple of years and was thinking of putting some really deep growl at the "heavy" riff-parts.