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Squier VM Jazz V
5 100%
Fender Modern Player Jazz V
0 0%
Voters: 5.
Hell bent on getting a 5er after a thread a few months ago, combined with my general dislike of downtuning and the floppy strings that follow. It's a £150 ($249) difference between the two for me but I can manage the price. If I get Squier, I *do* plan on replacing the bridge/pups/knobs, but I need to know if it's gonna be able to handle that low B as well as its big brother. As I mentioned, not a fan of the flop.

tl;dr - Which bass?!?

(I already have a Jazz and a Precision)


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Get the Squier and use the 150 squids to get a Badass Bridge III, a set of stacked pickups (Dimarzio, probably) and an extra heavy B string (don't forget to file the nut slightly.)

The Modern Player series is great but you're paying so much more for the Fender headstock decal. They all have sticky lacquer necks which is really off putting to most players.

I've had two Vintage Modified Jazz basses, both were phenominal. I sold the 4 string because I was going through a "phase" and I sold the 5 string a few weeks ago due to crappy genetics giving me a crappy back. The 5 string weighs an absolute tonne but, besides that, it's worth double the price.

(The other drawback to the Squier is that the available finishes look naff but that's down to personal preference.)
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I personally would be more inclined to opt for the Squier VM mainly due to the pickup config and the electronics. The VM range are phenomenal for the price and well deserve the hype.
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