I’m a newb here, that’s why I’m posting in the newb section. I played a little guitar back in, like, 7th grade and hated it. I think it was mostly the songs the teacher made us play. She seemed to be an old hippy and we never got past the 60s folk music. I also played another instrument, at the insistence of my parents, before that, which I shall not name. Fast forward to the last couple of years and I put my 15 year old, at the time, daughter in Bass lessons and started wanting to play myself. I picked up a $50 Rouge Mandolin and started teaching myself that. Love the Mando, cause it’s sound and it’s not a Ukulele. Didn’t really do much with it, and wanted to try the Bass. I found my daughter a newer Bass, all for her, and took over her hand-me-down First Act. Was talking to her Bass Teacher and said I should learn it, he “dared” me. Well, I bought a $100, pink Drive Wildfire 2 guitar, just after Christmas, instead and have ran with it. Love that pink guitar! Then I bought a Daisy Rock’s Debutante guitar, in pink, that I love as much. I found that chords work so much easier with the Daisy Rock. I started seeing my daughter’s instructor for guitar lessons, mostly to clean up any bad habits.
Love all my instruments and am getting good at them. At least I think so. I even love the sore fingers and can’t wait till the next time I can pick one up and play. I’ve been playing at lunch and while waiting for the wife to pick me up after work. We car pool.
Rock on! And hope to get to know you all, pick your brains, and swap a story or two.