So, through the years of playing I have discovered that I should move on from my 6 string guitar to a seven string. Now i have very few options on which to buy.

My list is:

Dean Vendetta 1.7
LTD by ESP M-17
Ibanez GRG7221
Schecter SGR C-7
And a USED Ibanez RG7321 <-- I know you will all be voting for this, but i'm really doubtful about buying a USED instrument.

What will you recommend? Also, if you have some other variants, keep in mind that my budget is maximum 300$.

I now play a cheap Cort G200 with a Dimarzio bridge pickup, and I have no idea why the hell I would install it.
Why are you doubtful about buying used lol? It's not like a car, there aren't any hidden problems that will blow up a year down the road. Getting used broadens up the quality of instrument available to you. All of those guitars are relative shit.

Pretty much the go-to first 7-string is the RG7321. I would really advise sticking it out and saving up another $200 and getting an instrument that is far, far better than the junk on that list. $500 gets you into used PRS SE Custom 7 territory.
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Save up and buy used. You'll be better off and much happier.

That PRS SE 7...
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the RG7321 is pretty good and definitely worth it's value, i'd go for that if i was on a budget
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Basically an Agile Interceptor Pro, but with a bolt on neck. After shipping and junk, it'll probably end up closer to $400, but it probably kicks the shit out of the rest of your options. I've never heard anything bad about an Agile. Best of luck.
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If you can wait for the Agile guitar (construction and shipping and such does take time), it would be a pretty good choice because they're quite cheap but also very playable.

Another 7 string I can recommend would be the Jackson JS32-7Q Dinky. Street price is around $350. It's got some pretty bad stock pickups and electronics, but the neck feels really good for the price that you would be paying.

Also, you can just swap the stock pickups out of the JS32-7Q Dinky with Seymour Duncans or Dimarzios when you have more money to spare, and have a pretty killer guitar with good tone and playability.