Hey Guys,
I have a CXS (AKA: China Crafted- Axl Factory Made) Squier and I have a few questions about it. I know this Guitar was made in August 2009 by the Serial Number. I was wondering first and formost: Is this a Knock-Off of a Squier? On the headboard it has in Big lettering "Squier" with the patented logo behind it. And then in small lettering "Fender" with another patented logo behind that. And then beside the Fender logo it says "Strat"with another patented logo behind that I believe.

I read on Wikipedia that Squiers that were made only for sale for Chinese Marketing Only were made by the Axl Factory in China. If that is true how in the world did it get to a Music Store here in South Dakota if they are only for sale to Chinese Stores?

Basically that's it, It seems like I have a million questions but that's about it for now. Any Information would be Much Appreciated Thanks, Musidore.
pics would help. while it's possible that squiers and axls are made in the same factory they aren't the same company. yes there are some guitars made for the Chinese market but the chances of one finding it's way here isn't likely. in china a squier is considered a US import. seems that goods made for foreign countries have to be sent out and then brought back in to sell in china (my brother works over there)