Oh yeah man I really like the rawness. I think the quality is fine that way. That ride cymbal at times is a little overbearing. The solo really sticks out from the song, It doesn't sit well in the mix. Other than that I really like the overall tone a mood of everything. I really dig that raw primal feel. check out mine I posted a few days ago!
Safe man! Songs is pretty heavy man. Has an old school feel to it. Guitar tone is nice and raw. Reminds me on black metal in some sections. I think if the cymbals were brought down in the mix, it'd sound even tighter. Riffs @ 44secs, around 1:15 and mainly the outro riff stand out for me. In answer to your question, I can't remember the exact gauge of my strings, but I know the bottom (low) string is .70 and I had to file the nut so I could fit haha Tuning on both tracks and nearly all my tracks in general is drop G.
Yes, the audio quality could be much better. Some good vocals would be nice. I like some of the guitar riffs. Pretty heavy. Sometimes the cymbals are a bit much. I like some of the drums & lead guitar. I like the clean guitar (my favorite part overall). Ending is abrupt. Perhaps you could review my music at this link:

@ThePredecessors: Thanks for the nice words man. Yes, the cymbals sound too loud. but I've been working on that for future songs. And damn, that's a huge gauge!

@aaron aardvark: Yeah, I'd like to find someone who would do the vocals as I have them already written. I'm glad you liked it, thanks! I'll listen to your song now!