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What of it, pit...What kind of strings do you guys use?

For the last year or so, I've been using Elixir on my electrics and acoustics. That new string tone lasts for a long while. However, the acoustics snap really quickly when I go to an alternate tuning. The electrics on the other hand, are much more durable...
This has made me realize that I really should replace my strings more often. I usually go months without buying a single pack, then I head to a music store and buy strings for all my instruments. Then I don't buy strings for months again.
That's quite a good idea. I buy in quite a lot at once but usually only a couple of times a year but I generally always have a couple of guitars that need restringing at any given time.
Most people I know buy in bulk rather than on a when-they-need it basis. It usually comes out much cheaper to buy packs. A subscription service would need to beat out the savings of a bulk pack.

At any rate I'll change up what strings I use. Usually boring 9-46 D'addarios. Right now I'm messing about with DR Tite-Fits.
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I tend to use DR for my electric (soo much better than ernie ball) and Martin formy acoustic.

Martin strings have this really clear, warm sound to them which I just love.

EDIT: Just took the survey. That's actually not a bad idea TS. Though I wold give the choice to have monthly, bimonthly, etc.

And also maybe the choice to cancel anytime: not everyone would want to sign up kowing they could find themselves in a position in which they have a surplus of strings and can't get out of it.
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I use 'Skinny Top Heavy Bottom' (10-52) on my Drop C Tuned Les Paul.
I use 'Not Even Slinky' (12-56) on my baritone Schecter Diamond Series.

i have dabbled with some other strings over the years but when it comes down to it, these work best for me.
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Ernie Ball 10-52 in D standard for my Explorer.
Same string set for my V except it's in Eb.
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Survey taken. It's not a bad idea. Lately I've just been getting strings from MF since they ship for free.
I play Dunlop strings, both their standard 10s and heavy core 7-string sets.
I used to use Ernie Ball years ago. But, I noticed that the strings kept snapping quicker and quicker. Then, I went with GHS Boomers and was quite satisfied. I really liked how they had a 9.5 gauge since I normally use 9's. The 9.5 gauge was great for my Floyd Rose setups.

Then I settled with Elixir. I just love how long that new string sound lasts. But, damnit they can be expensive...especially in bulk.
Done. I feel stupid now for not buying new strings since the beginning of this school year. Every month? Ya right, I usually get new strings every 4 or 5 months
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I buy in bulk when the price is low, usually get around $3-$4 per pack.

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Done. Usually just buy the generic First Act strings from Target ($5) since i'm usually short on money. You'd be surprised how good they sound and how long they last though. If I do have the money to spend, i'd go for Elixer for my acoustic (vary 10-13's) and Ernie Ball (usually 9-10s) for electric.
Ernie Ball. 9's.

I usually just keep them on until one pops. They usually last a good 2-3 months like that, but at the disadvantage of (mostly the G and high E strings) not staying tuned. It should probably be noted that I play pretty much every day too.

So the service would be somewhat useful I guess.
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My elixer strings have lasted 2 years on my dreadnought taylor. They're still going strong.
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10-46 d'Addario for years.
As in, only thrice in my 8 years of playing have I hard different brand strings.

My one bass guitar has had 55-110 for years now. (4-string)
The other (5-string) still has the strings it came with 1,5 year ago. They still shine :/
Done. I don't practice tons, rather occasionally, so a pack of Elixirs lasts about half a year, but I usually replace them once per year, just to reduce costs, because even after a year they're not that dull yet, compared to uncoated strings after 5 hours of playing.
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D'addario's. My fave.
I bought 27 sets in one from Ebay. Saved a lot of dosh.
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GHS boomers. About a set a week.
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I won a ton of ernie ball strings in a contest like 3 years ago and I'm still not even halfway through them, so I don't ever buy strings
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They already have quite a number of sites (particularly ones that specialize in strings) that offer automatic monthly/weekly delivery of a particular set or sets of strings.
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GHS Boomers 10s dawg.

I should probably change strings more, since I play everyday, but because I'm lazy I change em once a month on my main guitar (G400 Pro, C Standard tuning) and will wait even longer than that to change strings on my secondary one (Mustang Special, Standard tuning). Since I don't use my third guitar (a costco strat), it doesn't get its strings changed.
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I change them if they break when I bend them.
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Ernie Ball 9s on the Haggy, 11s on the Epi. Only change them when they break though because money.

Subscription service could be useful though.
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