Testament right now , you really couldn't get a better line up of musicians than the current line up in Testament. Hoglan, DiGiorgio, Skolnick , Billy , Peterson. That's just my opinion anyway, looking forward to the new record. Just so damn heavy! \m/
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I mean good for you and all... but isn't this more of a blog post than a thread?
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"I am really digging" is like saying "I am really walking" and unless you were in a crippling accident involving a shovel and some dirt I don't think you need to be proclaiming anything.
I thought Dark Roots of the Earth was a pretty shitty album, honestly.

Almost as shitty as this "thread".
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Every thread on here to do with audio quality is like walking into a paddock of shit slinging chimps
Do we have a "Testament" thread? Or if not you can always go to the Thrash only thread.