Hello, I have been a fan of the war of the worlds music for a long time, and i have always loved the sound that the guitarist's get in horsell common and the heat ray, i just cant figure out how to get it, i know for the heat ray sounds they use slides, but what about everything else? all the little licks, and riffs that are not done by slides. how do i get that sound? i have googled it many times, but nothing good comes up.
Please tell me someone knows? im going mad here.

Any help would be great.
It helps if you are old.

That comes from either a tape echo box or a rotary disc echo.
Turn up the gain and it starts to feed back within itself. Digital
stuff don't do it right. Part of the War of the Worlds production
was done by guys from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop who
gave us the original Dr Who theme long before there were

There's also a harmony by violin/cello/viola and whatever
done by orchestral string instruments.

I've heard rummer that they used a recording of a locust like
bug that comes out about every 20 years and sounds like
the movie effects. If you have never heard, it is impossible
to describe. But it is definitely War of tha Worlds. (FREAKY)

I do not grantee the accuracy of all this. But this is how I
remember it,

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