I like how bright the acoustic sounds in the beginning, but it's a bit 'shrieky'(?) in a sense (very subtle and not too noticeable). Sounds good either way. Nice electric tone. Those vocal melodies are killing it, dude! That chorus is too catchy; good vocal hook. I feel the guitars could have more going on during the choruses; the chords rung out provide a heavy backing for that vocal melody, but could have a bit more hook to them. The drums are great; solid playing with a good rock sound to keep the song held up high. The bridge @ 3:42 was a bit unexpected, but fits the song very well. 4:15-4:37, I felt could be a bit shorter, or have a better transition; maybe the drums could pick up and have a heavy tribal backing to lead up to the last chorus and the guitar could have a short solo there, then have a guitar lead throughout the whole last chorus to add more variety in comparison to the previous choruses.

Quality-wise, this is fantastic. Absolutely love the song as a whole. I can honestly see this being a hit song on the radio, stream-stations, and such if there were a bit more done to it. Nice structure, good songwriting, and I love how the song ends with just the reverbed guitar going out. Vocals are very well-sung with that 'punch' to them that I love. Keep at it, dude! You have some serious potential. Hope my crit helped some!