hey everyone. looking about for ideas for pickup replacements. i play quite a variaty of songs from metal and heavy rocks and classic rock to blues and twangy clean stuff.
the guitar is a cheap gear4music hsh setup with a locking trem, basswood body, maple neck and rosewood fb. the main problem im having is finding a set up for the single coil in the center.

so farive been thinking a demarzio gravity strom in the bridge but i havnt got much past that.

any ideas welcome, thanks
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What's your budget, which pickups are in it at the moment, and what do you dislike about your current pickups?
well i guess under £100 a pup. just some stock cheepos atm. im after a ritcher more harmonic sound, not nessasarly lots of output just nice ritch tone
gear4music indianapolis // Blackstar HT-1R Metal
you might end up spending more on the pups than you did on the guitar.
But try Warman pickups. Pretty cheep and very nice
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I was going to suggest IronGear pickups. Take a look at those, Warman, Tonerider, and some other 'budget' pickup manufacturers. You don't have to pay £100 per pickup to get a great sound.
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you might end up spending more on the pups than you did on the guitar.

There's no might about it. an HSH set of dimarzios will set you back the guts of £200, maybe more. You could probably just buy a better guitar for that kind of money.

But yeah irongear/entwistle/warman/ironstone/axesrus etc. might be worth a try. I haven't tried them but from what i hear they're likely to be a fair bit better than the stock pickups without breaking the bank.
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I have a Japanese Schecter with SuperRock II's in the neck and bridge and a Monstertone II (tapped i believe) in the middle. If Im not mistaken, they were originally designed by Tom Anderson when he was still working in Schecter. The harmonics really scream on the SuperRocks and on top of that they split pretty well and you can easily achieve that fender tone with it. I dont play metal, but I do play rock, blues, high gain riffs and they sound awesome to me. My only gripe is that they get a lot of feedback even when you just leave the strings untouched.

SuperRocks are hard to come across, but the equivalent would be a Tom Anderson H2 or H3 easily available on ebay. And a similar pickup to the Monstertone would be the Quarter pound flat SSL-4 by Seymour Duncan, theres a tapped version available too.