So I want a Selmer Zodiac Twin 30. I just havent got a clue as to where to look. I've tried just about all google has to offer to no avail, but I keep reading about how these amps are there to buy if you really want one.

I live in Australia.
Any suggestions?
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ebay is your friend.

ebay has repeatedly let me down for months. Usually I would agree with you but the last listing was in June 2011
I actually just found a line on one selling within the last couple of months, but its in the UK. I realise that these amps are mostly gonna be coming from there, but its a huge pain in the ass to get it sent over and some sellers will just flat out refuse to ship it that far.
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gbase is a great resource for things like that.

Two current listings! thats by far the best advice I've had so far. Thanks man!

EDIT: both modded for 110V... Still better than anything else I've found
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Zodiacs have some pretty wacky controls.. Why are you after one? They seem a bit gimmicky to me.

Couldn't you think of a more accessible alternative?
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