hello. i have a question about yamaha pacifica. years ago i used to own one. it was a low end model. it was a great guitar. with pickup replacement you get a great guitar. my question is whats the diference in low end and high end pacificas? beside pickups. in some high end there are seymour duncans.
Most of the higher end ones do indeed come stock with a SD JB in the bridge and some real nice singles in the middle and neck. Besides that, the bridges are smooth as butter, better than a typical wilkinson setup because it's a two-point system instead of a 6-point system and the trem block is a lot heavier. They'll have locking tuners (starting on the 512 or 612, i believe) much better woods used, a better balanced and better feeling neck (the ones with flamed maple necks are to die for), and all around just a miles better guitar.

They are difficult to find, but a Pacifica 812 gives an American Standard Strat a serious run for its money. You can find them used for like $500-$600 and for my money i'd rather have the Pacifica. Sounds enough like a Strat that you can get that classic twang and quack, but has a really unique tonal quality that separates it from the Fender. I love higher end Pacs, they are really beautiful guitars, very well made, and extremely good value.
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