So I got myself a Mexican Arctic White Strat with a maple neck. Love it, but the trouble is the hum on the bridge, middle and neck pickup positions is really obstructive. I can usually get it to go away with a nicely placed noise gate but that's not really the point - besides the fact it kills my sustain - I should surely be able to play without the interference of this kind of hum? I get that Strats, because they're single coiled guitars, have this kind of problem inherently but it makes recording on 3 of 5 pickup positions an impossibility. Is anyone else's loud enough to warrant worry?

Cheers guys
What kind of environment do you play in? The noise is usually just a reflection of how much electromagnetic interference is being tossed around the room.

You could try shielding the inside of your guitar's body. There are numerous instructions on how to do this online.
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If it was better before and got worse recently, it could be that your ground line came loose.
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Cheap stuff to do is copper shielding and checking the ground. I use a decimator set low to kill the buzz and I have never sensed it killed any sustain. And if you play in front of a computer or tv all guitars will buzz. Or fluorescent light yadda yadda.

Strats have been recording just fine on all positions for 50+ years. Once you figure out your buzz you'll be happy again.
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