I'm looking at the new orange dual darks. 100w and 50. The 100w is only 300 more than the 50 and they both have built in attenuators (50 or 25; 100 70 50 30) I'm leaning towards he 100 but I'm just wondering if it'd be useless to go up to that or if it'd be a good idea to jump up to it for more headroom? Would be running an fx loop and maybe a tubescreamer up front
Well it's your call.
If you have to play at reeeeeeeeeeally loud volumes keeping your signal veeeeeeeeeeery clean, you may wanna get the 100.
If you'll always be mic'd up at gigs and you don't mind a little bit of dirt when gigging at full volume, save up the $300 and get the 50w one.
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Honestly, the 50w should be fine. You are most likely not going to be getting tons of power amp breakup on either, unless you don't enjoy hearing. I'm assuming these are heads? If so what cab do you have?
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those amps look badass. I'd probably get the 100. But even 50 is overkill for most everything these days. With the attenuation you shouldn't have issues with being too loud though. I've found with Orange amps they still sound awesome switched to the lower settings.

Good luck and post pictures with whatever you decide.
Unless you intent filling the whole arena without PA and keep the poweramp clean at the same time 50w will do. As added benefit the 50w tube amps have only 2 power tubes which means less money spent on new tubes.

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Sweet thanks, ill probobly go with the 50 purely because Iraq bit heaped so I may be able to get that and the cab for 2500 or so, I recently played the 20w mini terror and holy crap it blew me away. It took a pedal AMAZING and it only had one 6l6 I believe so I can only imagine this. 50w will be enough to be heard in a full band setting on its own not micd up right? (This will be my first tube)
50w will be enough to be heard in a full band setting on its own not micd up right? (This will be my first tube)

Depends...I was in some bands that had a PA for vocals and keyboards and drummer amplified the kicks, 50 watt was JUST adequate.
I never had an issue with a tiny terror getting over a loud drummer in 4 years I gigged it. at 50 watts your absolutely safe.
20 tube watts is usually plenty to run with a drummer. It does depend on your speaker choices though. If they mic the kit, mic your amp.
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A 50 watt tube amp will be plenty of volume for a band setting. Unless your drummer is a gorilla you shouldn't have clean headroom problems either.
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From a technical viewpoint, when power is doubled, it's only 3db louder, that's why 25watts are so awesome only -3db from a 50w, however a 100w will have more headroom so your cleans won't break up as quick, that's why Sunn amps are so amazing 150w no dist channel so they won't break up as quick. Personally I'd go with the 50w my peavy 6505+112 can drown out any drummer I know when it's dimed out with ease. If you like cleans go for the 100w so it won't break up as quick but otherwise the 50w should be fine.
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Yeah, I play with my Vox AC15 mic'd up with an SM57 and only turned up halfway, and it's loud enough. Sometimes, the sound man complains, so I cover my amp with isolation pads and point it away from the audience.
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It's up to your preference. Wattage is about the headroom and the feeling of the amp. I prefer 100W amps, they simply offer more control. I have the option to get breakup. When I'm running clean with 50W, it's gonna break up at high volumes, and there's nothing I can do about it.

That said I'm a preamp gain guy. But if you want poweramp breakup and you don't mind gritty cleans, 50W is about perfect for that.
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OTOH, if they're like other Oranges, you can pull two tubes on the 100 and turn it into a 50. You can't turn a 50 into a 100. Get the 100 and you have both amps.

But don't get a 4 ohm cab.
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