Edit: wait, I got the thing wrong, it's kenfer instead of kemfer

I got this friend who has this supposedly pretty old ('70s, '80s, whatever), and we're trying to find out some stuff about it.
Where it was made, who made it, how lame/cool is it...

It has a tube rectifier, a GZ34 I believe, a couple of EL84s and 2 or 3 12AX7.
It says "Kenfer" on the front grill, and it has a 12" speaker, with no brand name on it.
It has volume, tone, speed and intensity control, plus two inputs wired together.

Here are a couple pics.
Anybody know what it is?
controls - front logo
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I have absolutely no idea man

Can you post some more pictures, and possibly one of the circuit? I'm guessing it's from the late 60's. Good chance it could be one of the Japanese import amps, a picture of the internals should confirm that much.

Very interesting amp!
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Well; there was a Kenfer amplifier company that made pretty decent car stereo amps, but I had no idea that they ever made a guitar amplifier. I do not think that the company exists anymore. Sorry I could not be of more help.
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