So I have 2 desktop computers, one is designated for only recording music, the other is for everything else. But I would like to use the same sound system on both. I have a pair of active studio monitors (Event TR8) and an active subwoofer (Onkyo) that I haven't set up yet. The monitors have XLR, 1/4", and RCA inputs, no outputs, and the subwoofer has a single RCA input.

My biggest concern is how I'm supposed to be able to plug headphones into this setup for silent monitoring. Is there like a rack mounted headphone amp that has multiple inputs that can be tied to one set of outputs for the monitors and a subwoofer output as well as at least 1 headphone output? I tried searching and didn't find anything close. Does anyone have any ideas to solve my problem?
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It sounds like you need a mixer. 1 channel for each input you want (2 or 3 for each computer depending on whether the sub has a dedicated channel or not) and then just mute the channels you're not using.
How do you get the sound in/out of your recording PC? (RCA jacks?).

I use a USB mixer to send audio to the PC. The audio comes back through the same box. I can use headphones on either the raw input or the output to the monitor speakers.

If I had a second PC (like a gaming PC), I'd just run the second PC into the USB mixer so I could use the sound system for that without switching wires.

I've used a couple of USB mixers. The last one I got has built-in hardware reverb. This means that while recording vocals, for example, you can put some reverb into the singer's headphones (but not actually record the reverb - tweak that later). I'm just saying, if you have to invest in hardware to solve the audio switching, it may be about the same price as a new and fancier mixer.