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Recently I've really come to love using a distortion pedal's emulated output on an actual amp. The resulting sound is really smooth. However, I've never heard of many guitarists doing this. ...or any, to be honest.
What would be the reason of this? Does it have some objectively negative effect on the sound, for example, does it make it disappear in the mix or anything? Is it just a generally stupid or blasphemous idea? Please share your thoughts on why this is such an uncommon practice.
The idea of emulated output is that it has an extra filtering section that makes it sound like an amp+speaker, which then is made for direct recording or line input on mixer board. If you like the sound better, there's nothing wrong, you just have an extra filter in there that changes the sound.

It is really all not that uncommon, at least in the 80s and 90s we did a lot of it with the Sansamp boxes. They had only an emulated out, which could go direct or into an amp. A few other brands did that recently too, the AMT DT-2 distortion box for example.
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People generally don’t do this because emulated output circuits compress the signal just like tubes do. To avoid excessive compression pedals like this are usually run directly into a PA system or a transparent solid state power amp like Tech21’s Power Engine.
Yeah, well, that's what I'm asking. Why do people try to avoid the "excessive compression"? Doesn't it make it sound better? Because from my experience, it seems that it removes any annoying buzz and makes the distortion sound as smooth as silk while still sounding heavy. And it's not because I used to use a buzzy distortion, I thought my amp's overdrive was the smoothest thing I've ever heard but now it just pales in comparison.
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Think of it as another eq/tone tweak. If you like the way it adds to your sound, nothing wrong to do it. I do it on my Boss GT-10 - I set it as if going to Line Out and then goose a tube power amp with that signal. According to the manual I should use one of the amp settings instead
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Yeah, well, that's what I'm asking. Why do people try to avoid the "excessive compression"?

It’s just a preference.