I was in one of the local GCs yesterday (lookie-louing). Noticed an Ibanez AR that looked something like my '82 AR-300. Two switches, four knobs, "cloud" tailpiece.

Completely different guitar.

Thinner body, for starters. And much lighter (mine is a ton). Inlays look the same, but I think are done in different materials. Ditto the fretboard. My cloud tailpiece is bigger (I think) and thicker. The bridge is definitely different -- it's a lightweight zinc or aluminum thing like that on a cheap LP, and it screws into the body wood, same as an LP. Mine is the old Schaller harmonica bridge (heavy, wide, thick, lots of saddle travel) and it's screwed into a 10.5 oz brass sustain block routed into the body and then bolted in from there. And the pickups sound much different. Mine are solid performers, even when switched into parallel and single coil modes. Not these.

The fretwork is okay, but not great, and there was some fretbuzz on the new one. Mine has been PLEK'd and wouldn't *dare* buzz <G>. Tap on the frets on mine and they're solid (dunno if they're glued in or not) and no dead "clunk" frets. On the reissue, every third fret seemed to have little or no connection to the fretboard.

There were two of these (different paint jobs) hanging, and both seemed to have the same characteristics. I understand that there are some (the AR-720?) that have been given a few of the old AR-300 clothes, including the sustain block. Anyone have hands-on with those?
Never tried them, sorry I'm guessing the prestige one will be closer to yours (I'm guessing in '82 they were all MIJ, right?), but that's going to be $$$ unfortunately...

EDIT: have you tried the jemsite forum? I haven't been there in a while (and admittedly it's more aimed at the shreddier ibanezes), but it might be worth doing a forum search (or even posting a thread) there, they seem to be interested in other ibanez models, too.
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I've got one in my shop. AR420 with the Violin Sunburst. I think they're solid, but a little pricey. If they would drop the asking cost from $650 down to $500-$550, they'd be a steal. They're definitely better than the Epiphones, and I think the one I have is better than the SE's in shop. It's just too much money to throw into a guitar that's ultimately made in China with just-okay electronics. Feels really solid, though, good fretwork.