I posted a question regarding subscriptions and the thread was moved.

I can not find it.

Or was it been deleted due to redundancy?

Not sure what app to purchase.
Hi there, it's my fault that your post has been removed, I was about to message you to apologise.
I attempted to move your question to the relevant forum for Mobile Apps questions, where the proper UG staff would have seen it, but accidentally moved it to a different sub-forum which is now no longer in use (and therefore inaccessible to users).

I have asked an admin to move the thread to the proper place, but in the meantime here is the lost question;

Quote by Triryche

so there's UG and UG HD, not sure what the difference is.
Then there's this comment I read from the Apple site

by FretboardNomad

I have been using the iPhone version of this app for quite some time now. I assumed when I dropped $20 on my lifetime subscription, I would be upgrading the app to a full version comparable (if not superior) to the iPhone app. I was mistaken. The entire reason I paid for the lifetime subscription was to be able to print the full catalog of tabs and chord charts, yet here I am awaiting correspondence from Apple and UG concerning a refund. I want my money back. If I can't print from the iPad app, I'll just use the iPhone app.

Which confused me even more. Is there a PC version?
Is there a full version that the above commenter eludes to?

Also, I found a song, Closure by Evergrey. If I purchase/subscribe, can I change the tab to a regular Treble + Bass Clef score?

Sorry about the confusion
But boys will be boys and girls have those eyes
that'll cut you to ribbons, sometimes
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I did end up finding the proper forum, but I am def still confused on the products/pricing