Hi Guys,

I should probably know what I'm doing, but I dont so heres the problem. Im changing my guitar strings on my charvel with a fixed trem and I can feel the tremelo arm being really tight... I assume I have to play around with the springs in the back to help release the tension a bit. Any advice?

+ Should I fully restring the guitar, the worry about the tension or do it straight away

+ The floyd rose tuning pegs are very stiff themselves, what can I do to free them up?

Thanks alot
I usually set the fine tuners on the trem itself at a bit beyond (screwed away from the FR body) the halfway point when putting on new strings. After I tune the guitar accurately and then tighten down the locking nut, I'll usually find that if a string is anything, it's going to be sharp. I can then let the fine tuner out a bit to correct that. But from there on in, strings are more likely to be flat (as the strings stretch, etc.), so I try to leave more fine tuner space in that direction. If you lose fine tuner travel, you're best off to loosen the locking nut, back the fine tuner off just past the midway point, and then retune the guitar and lock down the nut again.

You can adjust the tension of the Floyd overall two ways. One, you can remove a spring (keeping a minimum of two) or substitute springs that have less tension. Two, you can unscrew the claw in the control cavity a bit and then re-balance the tuning vs. the springs (so that the Floyd remains parallel to the body). There are limits to the latter, obviously, and the springs have to have tension on them at all times.

BTW, what are you calling a "fixed" trem? There are "blocked" trems that have a block that (usually) prevents pulling UP on the trem and sometimes fully blocked trems that have been locked down to prevent any movement at all.

Here are the pros and cons of having a trem with light spring tension. With light tension, you can do very quick "warbles" and "flutters" and the trem is extremely responsive. But you'll also find that you'll be moving the bridge out of tune with the side of your hand if you palm mute or just rest your hand on the bridge. You'll also find that when you bend, all the other strings will instantly go flat.

With a heavier trem action, you'll need a more positive push to get the trem moving and flutters/warbles will be more difficult, but you'll also not put it out of tune as easily with errant hand placement, nor will your other strings go flat as much or as easily when you bend.
Thanks alot for the response. Ill probably loosen the springs first otherwise the trem goes at a 45 degree angle towards the neck which isnt great. Guess Ill just fiddle until it seems right.

By fixed trem I meant that, yeah, I cant pull up much. Just a down trem really.