Looking for a new guitar amp, I'll mostly be playing heavier post rock and sludge, with a bit of drone thrown in. My current amp is laney vc15 and it's just not cutting it for this type of music, and I'd like to be pushing a bit more air.

Budget: as cheap as possible, but maybe around £200 if that's even possible

Happy to buy second hand, and go as vintage as necessary.

I already know about the Laney AOR, but I'm struggling to track one down at a decent price, I was wondering what alternatives there might be.

oh sorry, I knew I'd miss something out. I'm fine either way for combo or stack, I don't need pristine cleans, but I'd like to be able to go fairly clean. I will be gigging with a full band.
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which particular models?

The Peavey VTM is the one in particular that will do what you want best.

I'd avoid the Laney AOR, I've heard nothing but bad things about their reliability and build quality.

EDIT: Do you have a cab, or do you need one? Is 200 the absolute maximum you can spend?
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The old Peavey Butcher (from the 1980's) will do it just fine.
laney AOR
Peavey VTM

With your budget it will be really hard to find any of these, but they are your best, cheapest solution. Can you save any more money at all?
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Thanks guys, been checking out the VTM and it looks good, just need to try and track one down.

I can probably save up a bit more if necessary, and if needs be buy a cab under a separate budget (I can just use a bass cab until then, which might be what I'm after anyway).
VTMs are solid amps. Soundgarden used them back in their early days I believe.

I would maybe suggest checking out a Sunn Beta Lead.
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