Hi was told I'd have better luck here,

Can anyone recommend a decent USB midi keyboard?
It will mainly be used for home recording (ezdrummer, synths, etc).

Price range around 200 euro and would like to purchase from thomann if possible.

You don't specify how many keys, but when I was researching my keyboard purchase, I considered the Akai MPK88. I wanted to use it much like you, plus keep the cost reasonable. The longer I searched, the more I decided I wanted to full keyboard. I ended up with the 88-key Korg Kronos. Now, I'm looking at a Nord Stage 2 to add to it.
The Axiom series get's a good rep around here. While I don't use mine much, when I DO use my Axiom it works perfectly. Great bit of kit.
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I bought my midi controller last week and so far I think it's the best 100 dollars I've spent all year.

It's called the Alesis QX25 25-Key Advanced USB/MIDI keyboard Controller.

It's great if you have a small workspace and travel a lot. It's velocity sensitive and includes a pitch bend & modulation wheel.

I'm looking at getting the 49 key version of that, do you think that would be any good?
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The M-audio 49 Key Oxygen would fit in your price range. However if you are slightly more flexible with the price say 50-60 Euros more, the M-audio Axiom 49 or Novation Impulse 49 would be a better fit...
M-audio 49 Key Oxygen seems perfect alright!

Kind of interested in Axiom AIR Mini 32 but I've heard very mixed reviews. Anyone around here have an experience?

also real noob question here, but to get the key press (on keyboard) to create blocks in DAW does the keyboard have to fully support full midi? Or is this functionality supported over USB as well?
From researching I've seen some issues with Axiom/oxygen mapping keys like reaper.

Does Akai MPK have similar issue?