'tis a song I bring upon ye.


Months of silence hurt more than violence,
because wounds can heal, but traumas are permanent;
especially when they tell me "we
didn’t plan it, but it was by no means an accident

It’s no case of health; you brought it to yourself.
Sure, we could’ve helped, but there were better/cooler things to do
than hear you whine. It’s best to spend our time
with a careless mind, and all our worries will be blamed upon you.

Paths can bifurcate. Choose first!
We’ll choose the opposite way.
If you look back, we can play
and wave".

It’s not a duel when one part’s fooled.
You can’t just stab me in the back and claim it was
a fair fight, and then take the prize
with which there’s no gain. That’s the only thing killing does.
It’s not my fault you yearn to feel exalted
and the only thing you wished to see was my white flag,
but I won’t demote myself to your gloat.
Eat the dust I raise while I take my chosen path.

I can feel you waiting for
my moment of self-debate,
but then it’ll come a day
when you
will see
me wave
with a smile upon my face, because
my options now feel safe.
Go back to your opposite way
and you can sneer until your voice gets hoarse,
imprecate about my course,
wait for my deserved remorse.
Loved it. great flow and punctuation. thanks for the read
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It's as though you are really getting to know your depth as a lover or fighter, whatever your position... I love it! I think that you are really thankful that your love interests still cares for you, although your boyish grin knows your still just touching the surface. Perhaps this is the look of love. Stay tough. It will pay off in the long run.
I admit I am not the best at deciphering songs, but I do appreciate the word play you used in several spots that just fit like a perfect puzzle.

"It's not a duel when one part's fooled"

You had me here. It's a simple line, but damn powerful I think. The rest was just icing on the cake.

I thought it was awesome, for what it is worth.
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Awe inspiring, phenomenal use of word play, I can't express how much I like you for this. I'm your greatest fan..