Hey all,

I have a Epi Les Paul which came with Grover tuners. As good as Grover are I've always loved the look of Kluson tulip style tuners! Is it possible to swap them over? I asked my local guitar shop owner and he seemed reluctant, possibly with good cause or not but I just find it strange it can't be done?
Sure, it can be done, but will require drilling new holes and may require getting specific ones to fit the post holes. And in my opinion you'd be doing a downgrade.

Maybe you can find some tulip keys to put on the Grovers and get the look without the actual tuner swap.
Grover makes the tulip style tuners also, and they are 10mm post

But yes they will work. Your guitar has a 10mm peg hole, most Kluson vintage style tulip key tuners are 9mm press bushing. You can get bushing adapters if you need them.
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Thanks to you both, like the idea of just swapping the keys out themsleves will look into that for sure