If you haven't already seen this, it's worth the watch. Funny, yes, but also sad. I'll be frank with you guys, if someone who wasn't a celeb gave this statement, I probably would't care any more about the whole situation than I already do. For some reason, because Seth Rogen said it, I feel a little more sympahetic to the Alzheimer's research cause.

Perhaps because celebrities are iconic figures who people can relate to more than just another person. IDK
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My grandfather had Alzheimer's the last few years before he died. It's a horrifying condition that doesn't get anywhere near the amount of attention it should.

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Alzheimer's is really awful. It's unreal seeing what it does to people.
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I think it's good that a celebrity is doing something to further a cause, other than bitching on Twitter. A couple family members have had Alzheimer's, and while I never interacted with them, hearing the stories is just painful.
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That was great, even with that goblin from Gringotts they've got up there on the stand.
my great grandmother has it. its pretty crazy when she tells you the same awfully racist joke five times in a row.
My friend's grandma had Alzheimer's, and man, they are goddamn heroes. It must really hurt seeing someone you love go through that. Hooray this is news and hooray more people are paying attention to it.
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my great grandmother has it. its pretty crazy when she tells you the same awfully racist joke five times in a row.

Yeah my grandma's sister had it. and we've used to visit her a lot when I was a bit younger. I just stopped visiting, because she doesn't remember me anymore and it's just to painful to watch her there.
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Yeah, my grandmother has it. She's been living with us since late January because she can't cope on her own anymore. It's sad, and pretty difficult to deal with. So goddamn frustrating too; for all involved.
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