looks pretty nice but price seems a bit high, even for condition. its an hour+ drive so i don't want to waste my time.

2012 American Standard Telecaster

Asking $1100. these are going for $1400 new.

aren't these like $1200 new? i was thinking $950 would be fair.
I'm using Musician's Friend to price...

The new American Standard Tele with maple fretboard sells for $1399.99...so...$1400.

http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/fender-american-standard-telecaster-electric-guitar-with-maple-fingerboard Then, select, "Natural Maple Fingerboard" and it quotes it new at $1399.99.

As far as if what this person is pricing it at and if that's reasonable... That's not something I can tell you...maybe someone else will come along and be of more help.

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^I agree. It tends to be though that they do not hold there value that true. For example, I have seen those go for right around $900. I think that $950 would be a fair offer, depending on how realistic the seller is about what they expect to get out the instrument. Lately my local CL is full of people trying to make money and not being realistic at all. I recently saw a used faded Gibson SG going for $800, seller even said price was firm. Those go for $400 all day on GC used. I would use GC as a reference point, as well as eBay.
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