Hey guys I've been playing guitar for almost 6 to 7 months now and I'm having problems with alternate picking! The first problem is that obviously I have to build up speed and synchronization between my picking and fretting hands but when I go up from high e to low e in the reverse order ( from pinky to forefinger, and I use down up down picking) I'm pretty fast and the sound is clear but when I go from lowe to high e (forefinger then middle then ring then pinky) I use down up down to but the sound is not clear and it's uncomfortable amd more than that difficult to switch strings and do the same at fast pace! Is this because I should try up down up picking rather than down up down or is it because my pinky finger isn't strong enough? How do you guys use alternate picking? Do you change between down up down and up down up?
There is no difference between up down up down and down up down up, either way after first pick, 2nd one will be played at opposite way... Also point of alternate picking is being able to pick up down or down up without actually having to think "how should I pick now?" It is not the most economic way of picking in terms of motion yet it is easier for your mind.

Im also a beginner who just got better at alternate picking. There is no magic wand, go slowly and intime it will be good.
Hey thanks for the reply. But what I've noticed is that when I go from high e to low e (pinky to forefinger) using down up down I end right above the string above for example if I'm playing high e then I end up above b so the it's easier to pick the strings in this manner but going from low e to high e (forefinger to pinky) using down up down i end up above the string that I'm playing so it's difficult to play the next string fast! So I was asking should I play up down up, down the fretboard and down up down, going up the fretboard? Or should I just practice one way and it'll come with time? Again I can alternate pick fast the problem comes with synchronization of the two hands.
u always start with down , next up ...ect... so if u have difficulties at that 1 point just practice it
I don't know how you got to the conclusion that your pinky finger may be weak. If you can go from the high notes to the low notes without problem, we can safely say your pinky finger is fine, regardless of whether you can go from low notes to high notes or not. It is most likely that the problem is your picking hand.

Starting with an upstroke instead of a downstroke does not matter. In fact, that's the beauty of alternate picking. Your end goal is to get to a point where you're so good at alternate picking that it doesn't matter what you're playing. All that matters is you're going down up down up, and both your hands are synchronized.
I guess you are right, I need to practice more I've only been playing for some months now. Thanks.