Hi guys.

I'm looking for feedback on two of my recent tracks "Love is Subservient to Death" and "The Gun is Perched Between My Teeth." I posted the former one here not to long ago and took some advice and reworked some things. I'm just looking for as much feedback as possible on the production as I'm trying to get these to be top notch (or as good as I can).

As always, I will C4C if you leave me a link.

Songs are at this link: https://soundcloud.com/thehorizonofadream
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Hi man, sorry for taking so long. I listened to "The Gun is Perched Between My Teeth". Cool synths and beat. I don't think the vocals quite fit, and the double-tracking sounds weak and like they're "covering up" the imperfections. Embrace the imperfections! Although, I don't think it's an issue with mixing, but simply because you need more support - it sounds very strained and "pushy" right now. The guitars are a very nice touch. I do think it needs to have a more dynamic range, it drones on for too long. The lead synth in the end is pretty cool though, and I really like the outro: Very haunting.

I love "Love is Subservient to Death". Great use of autotune! Your vocals sound a lot better when singing this way (and no, it's not because of the autotune) And once again, the guitars are a nice touch. Really good job on this one! Not much to say, but I'll definitely be listening to this one for some time.
The other song title sounds too disturbing to me, so I'm reviewing "Subservient": I think I remember this song, or one similar to it. I've already made my comments on the Auto-Tuned vocals in the past, so I won't re-hash those comments. Though I don't remember some of that distortion entering into the vocals before, not sure I like that. Now I wish I could hear the original version so I could compare the 2. I don't recall the descending guitar part, I like that. Overall I cannot honestly say which version I like better, without hearing the other one again. Overall it is a pleasant song, I like it. Please review my music at this link:


PS: I may regret this, but what is with the fascination with suicide? I know a few people that have taken their own life and it is very tragic.
Love is Subservient to Death (as I listen):

Love the atmosphere during the beginning; the water really helps make it tranquil and ethereal.

I like the way the vocal don't dominate the mix; they sit as another one of the instruments. In most cases, this would be a bad thing, but here, it sounds perfect.

That break at 2:30 was awesome. I think when the instruments come back in, you should have a chord or a (faint, far-away-sounding) cymbal crash on the first beat of the measure, and have that ring out. I think it'd make the transition out of that little break a bit stronger.

I love this track. However, I don't think you should reuse that same sample from 2:30 for the end. I thought you could create an amazing outro if you continued the "nothing but death exists" line. I really liked the melody for that part, and thing you should repeat it throughout the outro, while the track keeps slowing down and degrading like you were already having it do.

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