Right now I'm at a bit of a crossroads in my life.

Im a third year uni student, graduating this year, but I'm staying around my uni to do a PGCE
My 2 of my other bandmates are 2nd year and the final one is 3rd year like me (he's only graduating and working a job)

I'm at a point in my band where me and my band mates want to fully commit to it.
We've had some interest from a group who help with artist development etc. who have obtained small record label deals and some of their other artists in talks with major labels (They want to help us cut a professional EP, get on radio 1 etc.)

However, I've always felt, that after Uni, I'd graduate, do my PGCE then go teach history as a job (my degree is history and music tech)
I never really expected this band to...'take off' (it hasn't really, but get to this stage) when I set up.

Right now all the guys are looking at a band house for next year etc.
And tbh, I want to keep playing music with them, but I also want to successfully pass my PGCE and teach...
All the 3 of them aren't as concerned regarding their degrees (they all do music tech...that's how I know them) as they don't really like the course/similar

So I don't know what to do exactly :/
I'm not sure how getting a degree/job could interfere with your band activities... Unless you are miley cirus you should be fine doing everything you want really.
And chances are you will not earn any money from your band activities for first few years, actually you will have to pay for everything yourself and most probably you will never earn enough money to sustain yourself purely on your band activities, so you must get a job.
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finish school while playing music in parrallel. You can always get a job after your band fails. You'd kick yourself for going straight to the job without trying the band (especially if the whole band is into it) but you'd also kick yourself if it affected your school work
Yeah just keep doing both right? Doesn't sound like a whole lot will change when you graduate unless your band wants to move to another city or something?

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Keep doing school, finish your degree. You can continue to pursue the band in the meanwhile. Don't waste all the effort, time and money you have already put into your degree by abandoning it midway for a 'potential break'.

Even if you got a record deal and started touring, you would still barley scrap by financially with a band only. Once you have the degree, you can do all that stuff worry free.
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I agree with what all these people say, but you should also consider what would be fair to your other bandmates. If you know you won't have time to work with the band as much as the others, you have to be honest with yourself, and them. You don't wanna be the one they have to "drag around", if you know what I mean. It'll just get annoying for them, and might hurt your friendship.

But there's really no reason you don't do can't. At least try, if not, you might regret it later.

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I started playing over 55 years ago.

WAAAY back when I was in high school, the "best" band I was a member of got a record deal. We went to Chicago, cut the album, played all over the USA during the summer after high school graduation.

I hated the lousy food and even lousier "hotels".

I got my degree (in Physics no less!), made a career in Electronic Engineering, and never looked back.

I play every day at least an hour, but what I want and how I want it to sound.

I can afford nearly any guitar or sound system I want.
^^^ If you don't mind, could you give a bit more detail about the whole experience? Like how you ended up with a record deal to start through to why the band is no longer together? I really like hearing real stories from people who have actually done these things rather than the hypotheicals.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Besides all that was mentioned... You get a good "Day Job" and you can definitely afford better stuff...
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A lot of you seem to be of the opinion that I can keep doing both my PGCE as well as my band stuff.
That was my plan.

However, the one issue I have is that my PGCE essentially puts me into a full time job as a teacher (I spend the entire school year teaching/learning how to teach...)
Between lesson planning, marking and all that jazz

Whilst my other bandmates are going to still be in University (as undergraduates), the other guy who graduates like I do, is going to get a job (part time I believe)
I'm wondering if I can keep my level of commitment to the band, when the guys I'm with want to do more and I'll be running (what is essentially) a full time job....

EDIT:- Teaching was always my plan following graduation :/
I didn't really give much thought to the whole band thing as a future career
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Whatever you do, be straight with them. Tell them what's up, so they don't get mad at you or something.
you wouldn't be the first to be in a working band with a full time job. In fact, even if you "make it", odds are that you'd still need to work at least part time for food and rent and stuff. Music doesn't pay.