So I was lucky and found this awesome 1980's made in japan squire bullet. It sounds great but the only pickup that seems to work well is the neck pickup, which I like but can be overly muddy. Because of this, I went out and bought a parts tele with a warmoth neck. It plays well but there is a tinny-ness to the tone and a kind of buzzing at certain frets near the headstock. Not fret buzzing…I know what that sounds like…but it feels like its buzzing due to a looseness in the strings. Granted, I play a half step down so that might be the issue. And for some reason on this guitar the neck pickup is unusable - the sound is too muddy and quiet.

So I've got a few questions.
1.) On the bullet, is there anything I can do to fix the quiet bridge pickup? Anyone familiar with these guitars will know the pickups are unique in some way so Idk if that will pose any problems. If I could do that this guitar would be near perfect for my tone
2.) On the tele, is the buzzing due to an action problem? It sounded good when I first bought it (at a used music store) so im hoping its an easy fix for a noobie. And is there anything I can do to fix the quiet neck pickup on this one?

My tone is suffering help!
You could replace the pickup on the MIJ tele. I think it's a 2 or 3 wire config...I can't remember what mine is...It has been a while since I looked.

Edit- The other tele might just need a slight truss rod adjustment. It's a bit hard for me to know for sure though.
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What kind of amp are you using
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get new pots, switches , jack,etc. they have functioned for a point of 30ish years.

i do that to most of the 80's guitar i end up with. easier to troubleshoot your own work, and you would likely do a better job.4

HOWEVER - keep everything in a bag/bin for it in case you don't feel if its worth it and then swap it back to original.

thats just me though.
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