I absolutely love my ec-1000,except the locking tuners are not to great.The higher strings go out pretty much when I bend at all.
I don't think its a problem with my nut either,I just lubed it up with graphite and still have some problems.
So I want a direct fit,since. I'd prefer just to put them in myself.
Any help would be appreciated
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Even lubed, an improperly cut nut can still grab the strings. Just take some really fine sandpaper and sand out your nut just a tad.
Have you made it an absolutely certainty that it isn't the nut that is causing the trouble? If the slots are poorly cut, no amount of lubrication can really fix anything. I know its annoying for me to ask you to double-check your work, but a poorly cut nut is by far the most common cause of poor tuning stability.

Make sure the slots are not too small for the strings. If the slots are too small, the string will be pinched inside the nut, and prevent the strings from sliding smoothly, even with lubrication. Also check that the nut slots on the headstock side curve downwards, parallel to the plane of the headstock face. Not having the not slots curved down at the end increases the break angle of the strings, which can cause tuning issues. You can adjust the slots by gently filing them out with the sides of a finely serrated knife. The serration on the sides of the blade acts like an improvised file.

Also make sure that the strings themselves are stretched properly and are not wrapped around the tuning posts too many times, as that can cause tuning issues as well.

I say all of this because tuners are not usually the cause of poor tuning stability. They're usually plenty strong enough to withstand string tension to not slip.
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