First, I've owned both beautiful & POS guitars so I am well aware that some people dont even consider this a real guitar. Any insults are not necessary. It's the Fender Squier Stratocaster guitar and video game controller. You can find it on Fender's site. It basically has both MIDI output and regular output albeit with only one pickup & a volume knob.

I picked one up off eBay and the first thing I noticed is it didn't stay in tune well. Luckily the screws for the neck were loose and tightening them reduced the play in the neck to an acceptable level. I don't think tightening them anymore would be wise at this point. Me being persistently perfectionistic, I'd like to reduce the play to what I consider good, which is essentially very little / negligible. What are my options?

I don't think basic maintenance adjustments are going to help and I'm trying to do this without ripping the neck open and trying to put a piece of CF in there. Not even sure there's room since the *plastic* fretboard is filled with electronics. I was wondering if going to thicker strings and adjusting the truss rod appropriately would put more more compressing pressure on the neck and possibly make it less susceptible to play. Is that right in theory? Would it help much?

Any other suggestions?
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In this instance, I don't think a truss rod adjustment will do anything. Chances are it's just really poorly made. You might be SOL.
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I only meant a truss rod adjustment to accommodate the heavier gauge string. I am starting to think a heavier gauge would help. At least it's going to pull more in one direction and hopefully cause neck to move less just from that added tension. Anything that helps, even a little, is welcome. An imperfect solution for an imperfect instrument. Can any engineering types ring in on this? I'll bolt a piece of angle iron to the neck if I need to. I'm only half kidding.