My first strings were D'Addario nickel wound. After replacing those, I went to DR Pure Blues. I am wanting to purchase new strings but have little knowledge as it regards personal experience. I would like some knowledge beforehand so that I may make a good decision moving forward. I have done a google search, but I don't seem to find information from actual pure nickel users that does nothing more than say +1 on a particular brand. I am wondering if any pure nickel string players can post their individual first hand experience with these listed strings or any others unlisted. If you have used all of these brands (pure nickel strings only) or at least the majority of them and can state any personal experience with them, that would be helpful to me as I can't really do any side by side, nor do I have experience with them.

I am not wanting to know which ones last longer, I feel that wouldn't be very helpful as I am more concerned with feel and tonal differences, but also anything else that could be useful other than how long they last (not helpful).

I use 9's on my fender strat, and I use 11's on my Ibanez hollowbody, but am considering transitioning to 10's for both guitars for mellow tones but still easy to bend.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I just got off the phone with GHS Strings. I couldn't determine what the real difference between the Nickle Rockers and the Burnished Pure Nickel was or why would I want to go with one over the other for Blues Rock on a Hard Body versus a Hollowbody, and the guy sent me a pack of each to sample, but maybe someone could shed light on that for me too. If I was to do GHS, would I go with the burnished nickel on the Hard body and the regular nickel rockers on the Hollow Body? The GHS package says the Burnished Nickels are a touch brighter. This all leaves me wanting to know what that tone would be compared to the XL pure nickels.
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What tuning do you use? What type of music you play?
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What tuning do you use? What type of music you play?

Blues Rock. Standard tuning.