I've got a flying V, a BC Rich JRV-7 for which I would like to get a scratch pad. You know, one of those sticky things with fabric that you slap on the back of a guitar to protect the finish from belts, keys, etc. Thing is I've only seen ones for "normal"-sized guitars, and would not fit on my guitar.

The measurements are 12" from the crook of the V to the neck, 3" across at the neck, 15" from one tip of the V to the other (across), and running diagonally from the tip of the V to the neck is about 21". Hope these measurements make sense.

Does anyone know of a site that may have a correctly-sized scratch pad? Or alternatively, is there an easy way to make one of these myself that won't damage the finish of my guitar (it's a polyurethane finish)?
Just use contact paper from Home Depo or The dollar store.
I really wouldn't worry about it on a guitar in that range.

Why don't you just not wear huge buckles while playing standing up?
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Don't wear belts or anything that will damage the guitar in the first place?
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