So I got my NEW (!) gitar... nice and shiny and all that, and I've been exploring the thing for a few hours, and hurt my left hand fingers as much as I can stand for today...

Been practising three chords thanks to Justin (A+D+E).

Now, I think I can follow TABs for the position of the left hand fingers, but I am a bit confused as to which fingers to use for the plucking. My plucking fingers are all over the place...

I think it comes down to IM, Middle and Annular, yes? But are these meant to be assigned to particular strings? eg, should ring finger 'do' string one? How about pinky?

Yours, digitally confused...
Wait...are you saying that you had your left hand on the fretboard? And now the fingers on your left hand hurt? So, you want to turn your guitar upside down and play with your right hand on the fretboard?

Yeah, don't do that. Your muscles need to develop so that one hand is your "fretting hand" and the other is your "picking hand". Ambidextrous guitar playing is NOT a thing for a reason (unless you're a giant showoff like Michael Angelo Batio -- but you're nowhere near his level of technical precision, I'd guess).

Anyway, if your hand hurts, that means it's time to put the guitar down. I know you're probably excited and want to play as much as possible. But you also don't want to damage your hands. It's like learning to run long distance. When you start out, you can't run that far without becoming tired. As you continue to run longer and longer distances, your body adjusts to it and becomes tired less easily. Same concept with guitar. When you start out, your hands will become tired very easily, because the muscles aren't used to that. Slow down a bit please, so you don't hurt yourself.
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^ I could be wrong but I think he was asking about fingerpicking.

I don't do much fingerpicking so I don't want to tell him wrong
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I'm no professional, but I hope my advice will be of some use anyway. When I fingerpick I usually put my index finger on the G string, my middle finger on the B string and my ring finger on the E string, and use my thumb for the other strings, but sometimes I move my fingers down a string (or up, depending on how you look at it), so my index finger is on the D string.
So yes, you assign the fingers to particular strings, but these assignments aren't set in stone.

You generally want to make sure your fingers aren't hitting all the strings, though (as in, make sure you're plucking the strings, not just strumming them with upward finger motions). It's really all about developing finger independence to the point where your fingers can consistently stay on one string without accidentally hitting the other strings.

As for the pinky, I personally don't use it at all, though there are players who do. I honestly can't imagine it being useful unless you're hybrid picking, but it's mostly personal preference.