I have a Godin Core HB that I picked up about a month ago. It has a wrap around bridge wish intonation adjust for each string. After paying it for a couple weeks I felt the action too high. Getting the low E side to 5/64" was simple enough. I found I had to really drop the high E side to get it down. I wanted 3/64" butclosest I got was 2/32" before I felt I was risking things. Seems to give quite the angle to the bridge, not sure if thats Ok? (measured at 12th fret. Neck relief is 0.010")

I still have my free set uup to use from the store, but wanted to get it comfortable and really get a feel for how I wanted the guitar set before I took it in (they keep it for a week, which sucks).

Thanks for any advice.
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No real firm rules here. If it plays nice without fret buzz and intonation is good.. enjoy it. Most guitarists find a personal setup they like over time. I rarely measure string distance any more but prefer to feel it.
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It feels a lot better now. Still needs to have a slight tweak to the nut, but I don't have the tools for that job.