I need some help on how to really practice scales. Basically all i've been doing is playing up and down scales that I know. Ive been learning the major scales in first position, and fifth position, and then like pentatonic scales.

I don't really know what im doing, im just trying to play them faster and also trying to say the notes as I play.

Ive tried improvising i guess, but I have no clue what to do and it just seems unproductive.

So is there anything else i should be doing? or should i just stick with it everyday and hope it gets better?
Scales basically give you a palate of notes to play from in a certain key. It can get much more in-depth than that, but for right now, I suppose that's a decent way to put it. Try listening to some rock or blues music - those genres usually stick to the pentatonic scales - and figuring out what the guitarist is doing with those notes. What notes is he bending on? What notes is he letting ring out? Look up some tabs too. You'll find that certain notes in the scale sound good when you bend them, some sound good when you just let them ring. The only way to learn and develop an ear for that is to dissect a guitarist's playing and see how he's using the exact same scales as you are to create a solo.