Hey guys.

so I've been playing guitar for a good 4 years now. I usually play with a pick, but very rarely play finger picking music aside from the usual Nothing Else Matters that i play once in a while.

Now here is my problem. when people finger pick they usually use their thumb for the E, A and D strings and the rest of the other fingers for the G, B, and e string. however I'm stuck to using my thumb for every single string except the high e, which i use my index finger for.

i want to start doing the fingerpicking the common way, as my thumb becomes sure after playing with it for a while. do you guys know if there are any good fingerpicking excercises/songs i can play to practice fingerpicking correctly?

I don't really think any particular exercise or song is going to help you practice it the normal way. You're just quite literally going to have to force yourself to start using the correct technique. If you **** up and revert back to your old ways once then stop playing what you're playing and start again. It really is that simple, even if it may not sound seem so simple.