Hi everyone!

I saw an uncared Peavey TR7 in a pawnshop. They would give it to me for $50. Problem is, the sound is crackling and some of the fine tuners and screws are corroded. Would this be something good for a project?

I have no experience in fixing guitars but I know a bit about electronics and soldering. I was never a fan of floyd rose but I am attracted to this guitar. It seem like it was calling out for me to help.

Your advice will be deeply appreciated. I do not have much money, so leads to where I can get least cost components would be great!
Quote by Ippon
Should be a good little project as long as it feels/plays nice and it's structurally sound.

Thank you for your advice! I will try to save that guitar then!

Will I be able to test the pickups at the store? Like by plugging in a cable and use a tester? If yes, what readings should I get? If the pickups are busted, is is still worth it?

Since your confirmations gave me the conviction to rescue it, how do I clean the corroded parts? Somebody told me apple cider vinegar will do the trick? How do I make the rust surfaces of pick-up posts shine again?