Lowered the action on my GRG270b, plays wonderful, had to lower the pickups slightly, but can't lower the middle pickup at all.

The screws just seem to only tighten or loosen the plastic pickup cover (righty-tighty you can see it stretching the plastic, lefty-loosey it almost fell off).

Is there a way to lower it properly or do I need a replacement?
Tried googling and searching the forums and found nothing.

I had that guitar and I just had to turn the screws to raise or lower middle pickup. I don't know why you can't do it on your guitar.
They might have a spacer of some sort underneath it, like foam or wood. You could pop the pup out and see what's going on underneath it. If there is you can either remove it or put a thinner piece underneath it. It's common for spacers/foam to be added underneath direct mount pickups.
Thanks for the replies.

Took it off to have a look and there was a tiny bit of foam stuck to the bottom, though only about 1.5mm thickness if that.

Guess I can't get it lower, but still getting pretty horrid modulation on the low E. Have lowered the others as low as I dare, but the middle still stands pretty tall.

I'll have to live with I suppose, I'd much rather have the super low action.

Cheers anyway!