hey all
I started playing about a week ago and i know
A \ D \ E \ E# \ D# \E# and G C Chords
i want to start playing some songs for now
the songs are from rebelde way and called: Amor de engango
the problem is i dont know where to strum what chords they are
any1 can help with that?
Hi,I would advise you to learn a few simple chord progressions in the key of C something like Am C G you can Google it "chords in the key of C" and YouTube. there would be tons of info and simply play around with the chords trying to get from one to the other trying to transition as smoothly as possible and maybe throw in down strums in counts of 1,2,3,4 and change chord that will help give you a sense of timing.Do not be in a rush to learn songs that will only make your journey of learning guitar a lot less fun. Start simple also your fingers need to grow a custom to the chord shapes and god will your fingers hurt for the first few weeks months for me but that will pass.
Anyways The first 2 songs I learn on guitar where Bob Dylan knocking on heavens door and Bob Marley redemption song 2 simple classics but to me then they weren't ha
Hope this helps
Some easy beginner songs that I can recommend are:
Good Riddance - Green day (4 chords)
Bad Moon Rising - CCR (4 chords)
Can't You See - Marshall Tucker Band (4 Chords)

As justcool7 said, it would be a great idea to learn some simple chord progressions before you go off and start learning songs with sharps, minors, flats, and 7ths.