Hi guys,

I recorded the audio in a couple sittings so obviously the video was recorded separately and after the audio. There may be some minor audio-video / sync discrepancies. Given that I'm a solid 2 on a 1 to Davidson scale of speed, this wasn't easy but well worth it.

C4C to the max.

Revocation is an awesome band, I've never heard this song or solo but you rocked it good, seems like a long vid to get in one take too, especially given the high volume of shred going on. did you run out of frets at the end or were you doin tricky harmonics? either way that part at 0:22 - 0:24 was great, awesome video man
Thanks for checking out our School's Out cover.

Never heard this band before, but Im digging this tune. Ill have to check em out. This is some great shredding man! I like the tone too. What's your setup ?
Nice playing !! love the chunky tone

only feedback i would give is: when you play the faster notes loosen up your wrist, it seems to me you have a very stiff picking technique, just relax your picking arm and you will go even faster !!

nice solo ! ;-)
Hey man thanks for the comment on my video!
I absolutely love Revocation so good on you for covering them.
Your solos were awesome man, you pulled everything off really well and i was particularly impressed by your clean sounding legato and fast picking runs.
However, i reckon you could work on some of your bends as they sounded a bit out of tune, and also maybe learn how to intonate your guitar if you haven't, as everything sounded ever so slightly out of tune.
Other than that, every thing was pretty good- keep it up!
Oh gosh...you put me into shame. I thought that I have learned some technique, but when I see your revocation solos...jaw-drop!
This was really precise and 'to-the-beat' performance of a really hard solo stuff. Furthermore, I would like to express my strong admiration for your strat's sound, to me it was really nice and 'catchy'
For how long have you been exercising this one?
I have posted some of my covers here if you could see to them, I would appreciate.
thanks a lot everyone, I really appreciate it.

@DiminishDarknut yeah the guitar is 21 frets so going beyond those, I was just hitting where the 24 would be I suppose.

@ryan19 hey man, i have a voxvt20+, beat up squier but it's got killer seymour duncans in it (I got it like that) which are the reason for a good amount of my tone

@nabhanrb yeah the intonation of this guitar sucks beyond belief...like it's in tune at the 0/1/2/...5th fretish and at the 12th, if you play an octave it'll actually sound like a major seventh...lol. actually, I don't go too hard on the bends mostly to not **** up the tuning, along with the already messed up intonation. but you have a point though on the bends.

@b3guitar thanks a lot man, that's why i do it! this one since january, although it's been on and off due to work and stuff. but yeah, i'm still far from the studio version. Yeah i'll check youo stuff.

Again guys, thanks for the feedback and i'll totally check all y'alls playing, just send a link
Hey bro, sorry for taking so long to give a replay. I'm in love with revocation, so you got me at "revocation" in the title haha. Badass playing man. Keep it up. And thanks for your criticism, I will improve the camera angles and whatnot haha I'm not so good at it XD cheers !
Good lord brutha! Can I get some guitar lessons from ya? MAAANNNN, I'm very impressed. Almost note for note too! and on a Squier no less Great job dude.

Check out my solo cover and give me a crit

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