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2014 album was saved to my likes.

Thanks, Im still working on a lot of other tracks that should result in a new album
Nice full sounding track. Did instantly remind me of Lennon's solo stuff. "Two restless souls..." part reminded me of Woman - had that uplifting feel.

Would check out the album once it's out. It mentions you've written for other artists and TV - who might that be if you don't mind me asking?

Also, if you want to hear my music, please see
www.soundcloud.com/michaeloneilmusic - I'm not sure which track to recommend to be honest haha - if you want a nice melody try Thesaurus Song, if you want some disturbing lyrics try Happy Days

EDIT: I can confirm you'll likely enjoy Happy Days which is at: https://soundcloud.com/michaeloneilmusic/michael-oneil-happy-days

I'm currently listening to your "Minor Major" and I think we may be on the same wavelength haha. Enjoying this so far, intend to listen to the lot.
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