Hi guys,

PICTURES: http://s646.photobucket.com/user/cobenblack/library/?view=recent&page=1

Charvel Model 6 neck through. £125 or trade for guitar with a licensed floyd rose/equivalent as trade. UK wide shipping (£20). Based in Chester for pickup/ viewings. Will travel to Liverpool Lime Street for free drop off, or Manchester/ Birmingham/ London main train stations for price + train fare.

1987, serial number 0707524. Previously modified. Stipped of paintwork. Headstock received minor chip, now glued back, nut replaced with a badly cut bone nut, bridge replaced with archtop rosewood/tune-o-matic saddles. String through holes drilled in the body. Thin recessed floyd rose rout created, and later refilled with plywood. Black strap locks appear to be glued in place.

The Good: Neck and body show no structural issues and this is a solid shell for a project. Playable simply by adding string ferrules and electronics. To create as new appearance; replace nut, fill minor holes, add veneer (for wood finish, no need if not), replace bridge, finish, add electronics. Alternatively, rout out the plywood recessed floyd rose cover and the front of the guitar would look mostly standard without the need for a veneer.

The Bad: The guitar has been modified previously - the most obvious flaw is addition of archtop bridge and holes drilled for string through. I've pictured as well as possible. Only original hardware on this guitar is the tuners which are worn, but working. Strap locks appear to be glued into the guitar.

The Price: I would like £125 and I've based it on this reasoning. Project guitars are mostly based on cheap shells and will only ever be a cheap guitar with expensive parts whereas this guitar is a quality shell for your parts and can be as high or as low end as you like. The neck on this guitar is a Charvel classic, and if you want a neck through project without the need to make the body/ neck yourself this is about the cheapest way to do it.

In addition, we've all worked project guitars and know how difficult it is to sand them down. This comes pre-sanded and therefore has more in common with kit guitars. These guitars are often more expensive than this charvel and are made from cheap wood with bad joins. The Charvel has quality wood, and quality joins that show little age or wear.

This guitar was originally used on the solo of this recording (with iron gear hot slag pickups, not provided)