Hey guys, so first things first. I own a Peavey XXX head with an alright 2x12 cab but it's not suiting my playing needs so I want an amp with lower wattage that's better for classic rock/ hard rock tones and that has better cleans. I play a lot of groovy clean stuff mixed with heavy blues riffs and I really dig that EL 84 tube tone.

Now I have a friend who's selling his Orange Thunder 30 head at $800 (Mint condition), but I also can get a Peavey Classic 50 COMBO for $400 (which is also in very good condition).

I have a pedal board but do not intend to color the tone of the amp with pedals. I want it for the natural sound that it delivers.Either way I'm going to sell the XXX for about $500 and if I get the classic $50 the 2x12 cab will be sold as well. Money is not really an issue but saving some where it can be saved is always a good thing.

That being said, what do you think is the better option for me?

TH30 is too modern sounding if you are playing a majority of classic tunes. I've had one for 2 years and you just can't dial in a great vintage tone. It's too modern and high gain. You can set the shape knob around 10 oclock and get ONE acceptable tone for vintage songs and thats it. It's basically a modern hard rock/metal voiced amp and the claims at versatility are not really true. Think of it like a Mesa Recto where no matter how you dial it back it still has that Recto flavor. It's like that with the Orange Thunder.

For what you play the Peavey Classic 50 would suit you much better. Clean, heavy blues, classic rock is not what the TH30 was designed for.
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Hmm, yeah that's what I've been contemplating...that the tone controls on the TH30 would maybe not be enough to dial in the tone I want. Thank you for the reply cheesefries!
Also, if I get the Classic 50, I'm probably going to slap in some V30's in there.
I had the classic 50 212 for many years. I played it with and without a board. It has a great clean channel that you can get some nice smooth sounds out of and as long as you don't pump up the gain too high, you can get that classic rock sound pretty easily. If I had the money for one, that is the amp I'd buy again. Never played the orange, but from the videos I would have to agree. They are nice, but probably not what would be best for you.
cheese already said it and I just wanted to chime in and agree. The TH30 doesn't sound like it would suit your needs at all. The clean channel can do a blues sound really well, but the dirty channel is not going to help you out. I think that the Peavey would be more what you are looking for. Both great amps, the peavey just seem to fit you better.
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The TH30 does a great heavy blues sound if you can play really loud though.

You can switch it to 7 watt mode and crank the clean for lower volumes. It's still not great by any stretch though. It's just "acceptable"