When i try to overdub or play over a clean loop with distortion the pedal distorts the previous clean track too Any idea how i can prevent this without putting the delay before any effect?

P.S: If delay before any effect is the only solution, how will it affect the sound? I already heard some off sounds when i placed delay before OD, but i dunno if its the delay or the crappy amp ive got.
Put this boss into the effect loop of your amp if you have one.
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Put this boss into the effect loop of your amp if you have one.

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You would want the delay after the OD, not before the OD, that way that only whatever you're playing would be distorted and everything else would be left clean.
Guitar > od > dd7 > amp

This way the od gets recorded into the loop. If the dd7 is first, the od is just affecting the loop.
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Are you using the amp's distortion at all, or are you just running an OD/distortion pedal into the amp's clean channel?

Since you don't have an effects loop to put the delay in, the amp distortion is effectively last in your chain...In this case, no matter how you configure the pedals, the loop will be distorted as well.

If you are using a pedal to generate distortion, and the amp clean, then Guitar > od > dd7 > amp will work.
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You can't do anything about it. The looper pedal can't change the signal so that clean tone stays clean when it's plugged into an overdriven amp. You need to remember that the looper pedal only plays back what you have played. If it's placed before OD, it will distort when you turn the OD on. You need to have the looper after all other effects so that the sound stays uneffected by the effects that you turn on later. There's no magic, you just need to use your brains a bit.

So looper works just like your guitar. Guitar is the first thing in your chain. Things after the guitar change how the guitar sounds like. So think the looper as your guitar. If you don't want OD to effect the sound, you need to plug it after the OD (that's the same as removing the OD completely from the chain - it can't affect the sound if the looper is placed after it). Your signal just goes through your pedals. What comes out of the output, comes out of the output and goes into the next input.
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